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FIFA 25 APK Obb Data Offline for Android Download

FIFA 25 APK Obb Data Offline for Android Download

FIFA Mobile 25 is a famous football game for mobile devices developed by the Canadian company EA, which specializes in developing electronic games. The first version of it was launched in 2013 under the name EA FC 25, but the version did not succeed as expected because it lacked an online mode. But during the year 2016, a major update to the game was released under the name FIFA MOBILE, which contains an online mode and is considered the actual launch of the game.
EA surprised all its fans by changing the name of its game from FIFA 25 apk download to FC Mobile 25, which raised many questions about the reason. In fact, the main reason for changing the name of the game is that EA lost the rights to the FIFA trademark after the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) exaggerated in raising the price of the contract.

FIFA 25 Apk for Android Download

During each new seasonal update for FC Mobile 25, fundamental changes occur to improve and update the game.
The number of substitutions within matches has been increased from three to six players, giving you more tactical decisions and diversity in playing strategies.
The game's gameplay has been radically modified, especially the speed of player movement, which adds exciting details to the matches, especially the attackers who appear distinctively. To increase the challenge of the game, the power of crosses and arcing shots (R2) has been reduced, requiring greater skill to execute these movements successfully.
The Kick-Off Glitch that gave opponents easy goals has been removed, making matches more fair and equitable. To increase diversity and inclusion in the game, a female element has been added to events and packages, including the Stars of the Week package.
The experience of opening packages has been completely changed in terms of form and method, which adds additional enjoyment when obtaining items. As for the players’ special powers, they were modified according to the players’ real performance in the previous season. For example, Ronaldo's energy dropped to level 86.
New heroes such as Kompany and Tevez have also been added to diversify the decks. As for the playing experience, new dribbles and skills have been added, such as lifting the ball over defenders, to enable you to perform creative movements on the field.
Players can also be developed via Golden Glow missions, enhancing their abilities and encouraging improved on-field performance. New appearances for referees and female referees have been added to increase the realism of the on-field experience.
Game settings can be changed, including the size and shape of the control buttons, to meet players' preferences. The Arabic commentary has also been corrected and new phrases have been added to increase excitement during matches and the playing experience.
In addition, new events such as the Nike Event and the Founder's Event were added, and the halftime waiting screen was changed to increase the suspense and fun between the halves. New songs have also been improved and added for audiences to make the viewing experience more realistic and interactive.
These changes reflect the effort made to develop the FIFA Mobile 2025 game and make it more exciting and exciting for players from all over the world.

Advantages of FIFA 25 apk mobile Android

After downloading FIFA Mobile 2025 from Media Fire, you can benefit from its features:
  • The game is completely free, but it requires payment to obtain some items.
  • The download size of EA FC 25 Mobile for Android is very small compared to modern games.
  • The game has licenses from all international clubs, including Real Madrid and Barcelona.
  • fifa 25 mobile contains licenses for international tournaments such as the Champions League and the World Cup.
  • In fc 25 mobile, there is only one stadium, unlike FIFA, which has more than 10 stadiums.
  • You can choose the quality that matches your phone's capabilities.
  • Play with friends via the Internet or Bluetooth.
  • Many daily events and events.
  • Ease of obtaining legends and distinguished players.
  • The presence of the Arabic language and commentary, in addition to more than 20 other languages.
  • You can play face-to-face matches or competitive attacks 11 against 11 players.

Disadvantages of FIFA 25 Mobile

After downloading FIFA 25 Mobile for iPhone, here are some notes about the notable changes and limitations:
For players who use Napoli and Roma, keep in mind that they will not be able to use the logo and kit of these two clubs, which means there are restrictions on the choice of clubs and brands available.
Although the gameplay of the game is not bad, it cannot be compared to eFootball in terms of gameplay experience, as the latter excels on this point.
As for the skins of players in the game, they are acceptable, but there can be some restrictions in the number of players who have real faces, which may affect the realism of the experience.
It is important to note that downloading FIFA Mobile 25 for iPhone does not support the use of a controller, which means you will need to play using the touch screen only.
Finally, you should know that the game does not have the full rights to use football legends such as Rummenigge and Muller, which may result in some restrictions in using their names and images within the game.

How to Download FIFA 25 for Android Mediafire

FIFA 2025 can be downloaded from Media Fire by scrolling to the bottom of the article. Click the download button in apk format, then install the game and download the data from within it.
You can download FIFA 25 for iPhone by going to the App Store, then going to the account settings, going to the region, then changing the country of residence to Canada. Then search for the game and install it. For your information, you can only install games on the iPhone from the App Store, so you cannot download the version FIFA 2025 game for Android with unlimited money.
After downloading FC 25 Mobile for iPhone, you cannot use the Napoli and Roma club logo and kit.
EA announced that it will launch the FIFA 25 Mobile update on September 26, but despite this, you can play and experience the game by downloading the FIFA Mobile 2025 apk here and data from here. It is considered the experimental version through which you can play matches online and unlock packages.

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