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Street Fighter 6 will host a new character.

Street Fighter 6 will host a new character

Capcom revealed Akuma as a new fighter in Street Fighter 6 through an enticing promotional trailer.
In the latest Street Fighter 6 showcase, Capcom unveiled Akuma as the final character for the game's Year One Character Pass. This new fighter will be available this spring and will feature a more aggressive fighting style as he ages. Akuma employs powerful strikes and Hadouken techniques in his combat.
Additionally, Akuma can utilize the powerful Shoryuken fan to break a massive rock. Besides appearing in the Story Mode, this character is also present as a playable character in the World Tour mode. Akuma will be the master of the character created by the player in the World Tour mode, bringing along new missions. The developers of Street Fighter 6 have designed a dedicated area for Akuma in the World Tour mode, known as Gokuento.
Street Fighter 6 director Takayuki Nakayama recently appeared on the second day of the Capcom Highlight event, stating that voice features and Battle Hub events are in progress. The director also confirmed that the development of Year Two content for the game is going well.

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